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Executive Leadership Coaching

Executive Leadership Coaching"We spend a lot of time helping leaders learn what to do, we don’t spend enough time helping leaders learn what to stop." Peter Drucker

Workplace environments have become increasingly uncertain, cost-focused, and challenging to navigate. Corporate leaders are asked to do more with less time, fewer people, and diminished financial resources. Executives from a wide range of industries turn to executive coaching for additional support.

IMPACT - Executive coaching will utilize a practical methodology to work with the leader.

The coaching focuses on helping leaders achieve positive, long term behavior change in targeted development areas , helping leaders to  better understand themselves and how they impact those around them.

Typical  development goals: Delegate more effectively, listen to different points of view with an open mind, act decisively, present self with confidence, build effective cross-functional relationships and alliances, address conflict constructively, treat others with respect, increase personal effectiveness,effectively manage impatience, anger and frustration, build executive presence, change from solo superstar to team player.

Coaching New Leaders and High Potential Leaders

Coaching New LeadersWhether a new leader is brought in from the outside, through a merger or acquisition or promoted from within, expectations are high. The reality is that time demands, business pressures, invalid assumptions and personal styles usually leave the executive to fend for him or herself. It is crucial that new leaders and high-potential leaders assimilate effectively and develop the tools necessary to move to the next level. New leaders must understand expectations, learn to delegate effectively, and motivate their staff to achieve business objectives.

IMPACT - Executive Coaching  helps high potential leaders  operate at the next higher level of responsibility and  coaches new leaders to refine their styles in ways that ensure focus on the critical priorities, while increasing delegation without abdication of responsibility and accountability.

IMPACT- Executive Coaching  collaborates with organizations to develop an on-boarding process and strategy that clarify and set expectations for the new leader and will work both with the leader and key stakeholders to establish a development plan to  assimilate into the new role or organization in an effective way, strengthen existing skills and develop additional leadership capacities and dispositions.

Succession Planning

Succession planning"The only way to know if someone is "ready now" is after the fact".

Succession planning and internal talent development is a fundamental component of risk management for every organization. Succession planning and internal talent development translates directly into future shareholder/stakeholder value. Ensuring a smooth succession  for critical executives roles in an organization is the most critical responsibility of a CEO, as the stakes are enormous for both the organization and its people.

If you had to name successors immediately, ( not just on an interim basis), could you?

IMPACT Executive Coaching  brings a trusted partnership to the CEO and Board of Directors, and develops a process and plan to meet the needs of the organization.
Succession planning process will typical include the following areas:

  • Succession Planning assessment
  • Evaluate candidates based on viability vs “ ready now”
  • Define what the future needs of the company are in terms of its next CEO
  • Assess internal candidates against a forward looking profile
  • Develop a robust pipeline of talent within the organization
  • Communicate with key candidates
  • Ensure that the successor/ new CEO has a robust on-boarding

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