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"The major challenge of most executives is not understanding the practise of
leadership - it is practising their understanding of leadership". Marshall Goldsmith

Helping successful leaders become even better

In a complex business environment high performance is key. Your biggest challenges are likely to include developing people, getting the best out of them, valuing them and keeping them engaged. Achieving success today means organizations must constantly adapt to rapidly changing conditions -  economic shifts, new technologies, competitive global forces, government regulations,  product innovations, and customer needs - while still meeting strategic business objectives.

IMPACT - Executive Coaching help successful leaders get even better - by achieving positive, lasting change in behaviour for themselves, their people and their teams.

In addition, IMPACT - Executive coaching, support  executives and organizations in successfully navigating though the opportunities and challenges posed by key transitions, such as:  senior leadership succession, leadership assimilation, mergers and acquisitions.

Who we work with

We work with senior leaders on their own or with their executive teams. We’re brought in to maximize their effectiveness on both an individual and team level. Our main focus is building the depth of executive talent in organizations and ensuring that practices are in place to retain top talent.

We work with leaders who meet the following criteria:

  • They have achieved success
  • They want to focus on development of leadership behaviours
  • They want to work with a coach to become even more effective

How we do it

At IMPACT Executive Coaching we utilize a practical approach. Characteristics of the process include:

  • It provides measurable outcomes about changes in the leader’s behaviour as determined by key stakeholders at the end of the coaching engagement.
  • It is confidential and positive.
  • It is straightforward and does not require significant amounts of time. ( if it did, busy leaders would not do it.)
  • It focuses both on changing leadership behaviors as well as perceptions of behaviour.
  • It is delivered by  an experienced coach who understand how to relate to senior executives.
  • It starts with a comprehensive assessment of behaviours from key stakeholders.

The leader being coached determines (and owns) the areas of focus for improvement.

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