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IMPACT - Executive Coaching helps successful leaders get even better - by achieving positive, lasting change in behaviour for themselves, their people and their teams.

In addition, IMPACT - Executive coaching, support  executives and organizations in successfully navigating though the opportunities and challenges posed by key transitions, such as:  senior leadership succession, leadership assimilation, mergers and acquisitions,

Our Values

We are a purpose and values led organization that believes strongly in making a difference through service to others, personalized attention and meaningful relationships. We regard all individuals as unique and there is no such thing as a “ perfect leader”. There are, however effective leaders. These leaders know who they are, what they stand for and what they want to accomplish. Their success stems primarily from tow characteristics: insight and intention.  Insight into themselves as well as insights into those around them. Clients value the insight we bring and our willingness to have honest conversations. We hold up a mirror that is both impartial and supportive, helping leaders to identify their talent and leadership challenges in a way that provides opportunity for growth and development.
Our global expertise combines leadership en organizational development with real world business experience. Our distinctive proposition enables us to partner with leaders as individuals and as a team in becoming highly effective.
The Founder and Managing Director of IMPACT- Executive Coaching is Lieve Jacobs

Biography Lieve Jacobs

For more then twenty years prior to starting her own business Lieve held key International  Human Resources leadership positions at leading global technology companies  like , AT&T,  Sun Microsystems and Cisco.

Lieve is known as a results driven, influential  coach with a talent for building motivated,productive team environments which foster the achievement of business and corporate goals.
Specialties: Skilled in Executive Coaching , Career Coaching, Organizational Effectiveness, Organizational Development and Design ,Succession Planning, Leadership Development, Workforce Planning, Change Management, Strategy Development, Performance Management, Workforce Planning, Staffing, Mergers and Acquisitions, Team Effectiveness.

Lieve’s coaching style has been described by clients as motivational, straightforward and empathic. The coaching and feedback she provides is specific, actionable and practical. She emphasizes follow up to ensure implementation of the coaching process. Her personal style is warm and collegial. She is skilled at identifying a client’s potential. Lieve is able to achieve success in the coaching process by engaging the client on a collaborative journey. She integrates a practical business sense with emotional intelligence.


Lieve Jacobs
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